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Here is another short update on my tilt-shift experience. I have not been taking many photographs recently and do not feel very creative, but these photographs are solely shown for educational and illustrative purposes anyway. I wanted to try the shift function of my recently purchased and described Mirex tilt-shift adapter. The photograph above shows a panorama that was captured from the Hochwachtturm on Albis, which is a small mountain and popular viewpoint (although less so in winter) very close to Zurich.
The photograph was created by combining three captures (no shift and full shift to either side) and the lens was a Canon zoom lens (70-200 mm L, at f4). The images were recorded in 16:9 format (4352 x 2448 pixels). As the black borders on either side indicate (I left them on purpose), this lens's image circle does not cover the entire area created by a full shift (15 mm) of the Mirex adapter. The full panorama is almost 11'200 pixels wide and a crop without vignetting is still more than 8700 pixels wide - twice as wide as the original image format!
I guess that each lens has a slightly different image circle and therefore the final size of such shift panoramas will depend on the particular lens that is used. However, this is one of the applications of the tilt-shift function that I have been interested in and I will certainly continue to experiment with it.

2013/04/01 by Unknown
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