Macro tilt-shift & EF-S mount incompatibility

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Today, I would like to add a macro tilt-shift example and inform you about an incompatibility issue, which I have just become aware of. The photograph above is not particularly remarkable in any way and it is not about the flower either (I may introduce the plant in a Flora post in the very distant future - if I should ever manage to encounter these plants in full bloom). It was the main goal of this photograph to illustrate the tilting of the plane of focus. Therefore, I have tilted the lens (an old Canon 100 mm Macro lens) to the right. Notice how the focal plane runs diagonally from the lower right corner to the upper left part of the photograph.
The second goal of this blog post is to inform about an incompatibility with the Mirex tilt-shift adapter, which I have just realized: It does not seem possible to mount Canon EF-S lenses on the adapter. In theory, the image circle of the EF-S lenses, made to cover an APS-C sized sensor, should be sufficiently large to allow tilting and shifting the lens on a micro four thirds body. However, as far as I understand, the problem is the rear lens element of EF-S lenses, which protrudes further into the body (the adapter in this case) and thus prevents fitting the lens on the Mirex adapter. I have only tried mounting the 18-55 mm EF-S kit lens (an early, unused version that I have lying around in a dusty box), but I would assume that other EF-S lenses would not be compatible with the Mirex adapter neither. I am not bothered by this incompatibility, since I do not have a lens that I would want to use with this adapter and the image quality obtainable by tilt-shifting a full-frame lens will certainly be better. However, the thought of a 10-20 mm tilt-shift zoom lens (just as one of many possibilities) was enticing for a moment. 

2013/04/19 by Unknown
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