Florian's photos: Light teeth

I have not posted in a while because we had "computer problems"... a broken hard drive of our main computer. Thanks to more or less regular backups nothing was lost and I finally managed to install a new hard drive. I have lots and lots of disc space now and can slowly start thinking about photographs again - instead of fighting with backups, restore discs and installing. For me, the lesson learned is to not only backup and archive regularly, but to be really prepared for the worst. I hope that the next time we will be up and running again much faster.
Use this as another reminder to really really follow some sort of backup routine! Would you be safe if your hard drive broke down THIS VERY MOMENT? Or if your house burnt down? You should be able to answer with YES! If your answer is NO, please set up a backup procedure immediately or ask somebody to help you!

Light teeth on a shadowy wall in our staircase

The picture of today is again a light and shadow composition and emphasizes that an interesting photograph (at least to me) is sometimes very close. This particular photograph was right before our front door. Every year during the summer months the setting sun shines through our staircase and projects interesting light and shadow compositions onto the walls. I will show you more of these in future posts.

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2012/07/13 by Unknown
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