My treasures: Jacques Rime

Running flock of chamoises, Jacques Rime

It has been a while since I last shared one of my treasures with you. Here I would like to call your attention to Jacques Rime. I know Mr. Rime through the wonderful chamoise lithography depicted above. We traveled from Zurich to Les artisanes in Fribourg in order to buy a copy of Jacques Rime's running flock of chamoises, but unfortunately, it was not among the lithographies and paintings at disposition. Luckily, the helpful shop assistant immediately called Mr. Rimes and discovered that only an artist's proof was left, which was sent to us together with an invoice a few days later (of course without prepayment or anything; this is Switzerland after all). Ever since, the fugitive chamoises decorate our living room and please us every day.
Jacques Rime is a swiss nature artist who paints and creates lithographies (some examples can be seen here) of wild animals that he observes and studies in woods and mountains in the canton of Fribourg. Mr. Rime seems almost as seclusive as his favorite animal, the lynx. He hast studied and followed this shy and secretive feline for more than 20 years and published some of his observations, drawings and paintings in the book La nuit le lynxwhich looks wonderful but is unfortunately not available anymore. Jacque Rime has also illustrated children's books of the Jeunesse Faune Sauvage series on the wood grouse, the bear, the fox and the lynx. Jacques Rime's fascination for the lynx and passion for nature are certainly conveyed best by himself and therefore I suggest to watch the short (1 min 8 s) movie below (there is also a second and a third part - all three are in French though). If you have more time and want to learn more about Jacques Rime and the art of animal observation you may also watch THIS documentary on Jacque Rime (it dates from 1977!). 

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