Sunlit triangle and an escaping window

I am relieved because I have just finished our family photography book for last year. What a delay! I actually like the process of putting these books together very much and the final books are appreciated by family close and far, but it is very engrossing. Now that it is done I can spend again more time with my "other" photographs and with writing. 
Here is the third, and at least for a while the last, photograph of the buildings on Hagenholzstrasse in Zurich-Oerlikon, which I have already shown twice from different angles (here and HERE). This point of view and composition is quite different from the two others. The color in the sunlit part is close to the geometric minimalistic urban pattern photograph, while the composition rather resembles the triangle leftovers photograph. The composition below is almost a negative version of last weeks triangle photo: it is the triangle in the background that is sunlit, while the facade in the foreground is shrouded in shadows. There is also no leftover here, but only a sunlit and a shady triangle. For the time being I have actually filed this photograph under the theme "outliers". For this topic I try to find and photograph regular and repeating patterns that are interrupted by a single element that breaks ranks and escapes the otherwise precise and regular arrangement. In this photograph, the outlier is not very prominent, but I think that once spotted it is drawing attention.
Do you favour one of the three skyscrapers on Hagenholzstrasse over the others? Do you have photographs of outliers?

Have a nice day and a good week!

 Sunlit triangle and an escaping window on the Skyscrapers on Hagenholzstrasse in Zurich Oerlikon, Switzerland

2012/01/31 by Unknown
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