International Holocaust Remembrance Day

I have just shed a grain of my wide ignorance - I learnt from the radio (SWR1, which I like a lot) and several news articles that today, January 27, is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Many countries have their own holocaust memorial day, but January seems to be the most common. For example, the UK commemorates The Holocaust on this day since 2001, while the United Nations established January 27 as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in November 2005.
This year's remembrance day is dedicated to the children and I encourage you to read or watch the moving and excellently written message from Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of United Nations. I particularly like the ending stating that children are particularly vulnerable and that we must show children the best the world has to offer. I also encourage you to visit the webpage of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust encourages us all to speak out against discrimination, hatred and racism.

Holocaust Memorial triptych, Berlin, Germany

The photograph above is a triptych of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (also named Holocaust Memorial) in Berlin. I have only been once to the memorial on a cool, foggy early morning and I experienced it as an awe-inspiring locality with a mystical atmosphere. In the triptych above, I like the geometric patterns and clear shapes of the center photograph, and the bordering photographs - purposefully developed rather light or dark - try to convey my sense of the mood on that morning.

I wish you all a nice, harmonious and loving weekend!


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