Iceland nature details

 Morning light in the mountains of Pakgil, Iceland

As promised last week, here is another, last post with Iceland photographs. This time it is not landscape compositions in the classical sense, but rather closer views that I label as "nature details" (sometimes such photographs are also designated "intimate landscapes"). For me, these are photographs that are neither true landscapes (with a horizon and at least some sky), nor close up or macro photographs, but something in between. Another composition from this category was shown in the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon post (the second photograph) and I do have a few more that will appear in the future in the nature details gallery. If you want, you may also have a look at a few birds we managed to photograph during our trip in the animals gallery (the first eight photographs are from Iceland).
Next week, I hope to start showing new fall color compositions from this season. Until then, have a good week!

Red spot, Krysuvik on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Rocky reflections, Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland

Smoky mountain, Krysuvik on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Cottongrass (Eriophorum) near Raufarhöfn, Melrakkaslétta peninsula, Iceland

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