Winter is here!

Finally, it is freezing cold and even snowed a little here in Zurich: the right time for a few chilling nearby compositions. Before, we had only a few wintery days between Christmas and New Year. On three or four mornings, everything in my neighbourhood was covered by a frosty icing. This winterly decoration was beautiful and impressive from afar, but it was even more amazing the closer I looked. When I bent down and kneeled on the ground (until my knees hurt because they were so cold) I did not only discover tiny ice crystals, but frozen drops of morning dew. It almost looked like frozen Christmas tree balls.

I must have been a strange sight, kneeling and lying in the frozen meadow, slowly moving back and forth, left and right. I did indeed catch the interest of some dogs and walkers who were wondering what on earth I was doing (at least this was my interpretation of the former's barking). I was of course trying to arrange the frozen blades of grass, in the fore- and background, to my liking. Nine results of these attempts are shown here -  I hope you do not mind the repetition. One additional composition of frozen morning dew has already been shown in the last post.

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2016/01/18 by Unknown
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