Carcolors 45: Tarpaulin reflection

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Today's carcolor photograph is the first that does not feature a shiny car body, but rather the dull, grey, scratched tarpaulin of a truck. Isn't it amazing what a blue sky and side view can do to such a boring motive? For comparison, the frontal view of the exact same truck, captured at the same time, is shown at the bottom.

I still have a few more carcolor compositions ready to be shown, but I am loosing interest in this topic. The project has certainly passed its most creative phase and it now seems rather like adding to a collection. Although I am still heading out to search for interesting carcolor reflections sometimes, it is more a habit, mostly because I know where to look for these subjects. On a recent such outing, I had a unique experience: For the first time ever I have almost been beaten by the owner of a car I tried to photograph - he told me that I was violating his privacy (the car was parked in a street, probably on a no parking spot). Shocking, isn't it? The guy was completely beyond reason, but luckily, a young couple just passed by and the resolute young woman prevented the attack. I must admit, that I do not take such events lightly; they shake me up and keep me troubled for a while. However, now, I am mostly amazed at how angry and full of hate the lives of some people apparently are.

Enough negative vibes - I will of course not show a photograph with such an unfavourable association (it was not good anyway). The example shown here is much more interesting - as are the other examples shown in the carcolor gallery (and nobody complained the capture of any of these photographs).

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

2015/07/05 by Unknown
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