October 2014 print: Autumn browns with chamois

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I am again late to present my monthly print, but the photograph shown here has not only been printed, but also taken in October. We were on a long hike to the Gamsjoch, a rocky summit in the Karwendel, when a herd of almost 70 chamois crossed our path and grazed along the valley slopes. Those of you who understand German realize that the summit's name is most fitting: Gamsjoch translates as "chamois saddle". Our children complained the disorderly distribution of the animals, which made counting difficult. After many counts and deliberations, we agreed on the number 69. The 16 animals in the October 2014 print were part of this huge chamois flock that, I believe, consisted of female and young animals (we could even watch some of them still suckling). Further along during the hike, we kept seeing more and more chamois and even a few ibex and a snow grouse (ptarmigan); but no fellow hiker. What an exceptional day!
Although the colors of this photographs are not flashy and bright, they are nevertheless typically autumnal. I really like the different shades of brown and yellow of the grass, with a slight hint of red, that the chamois complete with they dark brownish winter fur.
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2014/11/07 by Unknown
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