The perfect gift for your grandparents

Normally, I refrain from advertising products and rather try to teach moderation. However, in this instance I would like to buy a present for our grandparents, but can only do so with YOUR HELP. 
The famatic picture frame is a kickstarter project that will only be realized if it raises at least 75'000 USD by June 4th. More backers are still needed to materialize the famatic project.
The famatic wireless social photo frame is a simple tablet-like device that will let you share photographs with your grandparents or with anybody whom you present with a frame. Instead of sharing photographs via an online gallery, this setup will allow you to display photographs (that you may not want to share online) on frames that you have given to your grandparents, friends, clients or even yourself. Have a look at the short movie below, which introduces the famatic frame and its different functions. I think it is a great idea, seems well made, thoughtfully designed and very easy to use. Quickly head over to the famatic kickstarter project and get your famatic before June 4th! I have already done so and would really like to receive a famatic in October.

2014/05/25 by Unknown
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