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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugAutumnal blueberry field and fir tree, Maine, USA. I have printed this photograph in September as the starting signal for my monthly print project. From now on, I try to print at least one photograph every month. If you want, you can suggest which one and even receive a free print in exchange! I found the photograph above very difficult to print. I have tried many times and even sent it to a commercial print service, but I am quite satisfied with this latest version (of course, it looks different on paper).

Photographs are taken to be looked at. As a teenager I was using slide film and always waited for a sale to have a couple of posters made. However, having prints made was often disappointing and the result not quite as I envisioned. In contrast, printing myself gives me almost complete control over the final result. I have started to print scanned slides even before I had a digital camera and now my printing interest has reawakened and strengthened. 

In order to print more regularly, I have decided to print at least one photograph per month (in highly limited series). If I manage to stick to this plan, I will create at least 12 prints per year - a good minimal number, I think. I have already created my September print (the autumnal blueberry field shown above) and chosen the photograph to be printed in October. However, if you want, YOU can choose the future monthly prints and receive a copy free of charge!

The rules for obtaining a free print (unmatted, unframed) are very simple. As soon as a new month starts, you are invited to ask for any photograph that you find on Florian's Photos to be printed the next month. If you are the first person to ask for a print in any month, the photograph you have chosen will be printed the next month and you will receive a free print. You may only choose photographs that have not been printed yet (all printed photographs will appear on a separate page) and each month only one photograph can be chosen and received free of charge (I may choose and print additional ones). Also please note that I will only send one free print to a particular person/address ever.

I look forward to my printing endeavor and to fulfilling some of your print request, if you should have one. To ask for a print, please use the contact form on Florian's Photos or the reply section of this blog post.

2013/10/01 by Unknown
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