Tilt-shift: "Not guilty building" tilt

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I am rather busy these days and when I have finally time for a photo walk or bike ride, the conditions are not appropriate for what I have in mind. Therefore, I have had only few opportunities to really try out my new tilt and shift adapter. Nevertheless, I would like to share my absolutely very first tilt (and shift) composition - for which I only used the tilt function. In order to render the concrete columns on the right sharp, I have tilted the lens a few degrees to the right. As suggested by Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou, I have set the camera to manual mode, defined the aperture (f8) and exposure time before applying the tilt and then composed the photograph by slowly changing the tilt angle and verifying sharpness in live view mode (much less tilt was necessary than I had expected).
The photograph was taken in Zürich Oerlikon, close to where I live. The particular building is featured in several of my light & shadow compositions, some of which were shown in previous blog posts (I like to call it the not guilty building). This composition is broader than previous versions (due to the 20 mm lens), but I quite like it. The little lightly colored square at the end of the alleyway really catches my eye! Nevertheless, this is only my very first attempt at tilt and shift photography and I certainly hope to improve my technique (I am still terribly slow at setting the camera up). In this example, it may not even be apparent that a tilt & shift function was used - only the blurred reflection on the left may indicate that the focal plane was not straight.

2013/03/20 by Unknown
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