Family photo book season

November and December is family photo book season for me. It is time to go through our family snaps and to document our journeys and excursions of the ending year. Although I am continually pre-processing our photographs throughout the year, this is still a monumental task. Most of my evenings are spent selecting, developing and arranging photographs and only little thought and effort on other things. Therefore, this blog is updated less frequently and with less text and more photographs - I hope you do not mind.
Although preparing these books requires a huge effort, it is well worth it! Intensely looking at most of the photographs of an entire year lets me re-experience some of the nicest moments of the last twelve months and sometimes brings together the whole family in front of the screen (although most of the editing is done when everybody except me is asleep). The books are also appreciated gifts for our children, grandparents and close relatives (I hope). This year I am already preparing the sixth "edition", but the resolution to put together family books retroactively, for those years when I was not completely "digital" yet, was in vain so far (probably due to the post photo book compensaiton phase that will follow in January).

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugAutumn color reflection in the river Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland

The autumn color photograph above is a composition from last year (that is not part of our family photo book). It shows an unusually (for Switzerland) brightly red colored autumn tree that is reflected in the river Limmat, in Zurich (Switzerland). I have discovered this beautiful tree on one of my photo bike trips within the city borders of Zurich!

I hope you enjoy and wish you a nice week!


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