This summer, I have delved into a new project: abstract, colorful compositions that are found in the reflections and distortions on car bodies. I have filed these photographs under the theme CARCOLORS.
I have started this project because I am fascinated by how the slightest change of the viewing angle bends and distorts reflections on the curvy car body in unexpected ways. Depending on the lighting and point of view, the original color of the lacquering may be completely altered and the resulting photographs are a mélange of the colors and patterns in the surrounding. Such carcolor compositions may resemble abstract paintings or even details of nature (sometimes I am reminded of butterfly wings).  Nevertheless, be assured that I only took photographs of plain-colored cars that I found in the streets of Oerlikon or elsewhere. The only bias is towards bright and shiny cars, which happen to be dark-colored more often than not. I am also still getting used to the astonishing "depth" of the carcolor reflections, which only reveals itself in close-up views and by focusing manually (in my experience autofocus is very unreliable for this kind of photographs).  
Here, I am showing you the first four photographs of this new project of mine. It is an ongoing work, like all of my projects, and I will try to document the growth of the carcolors gallery with "peeks" of newly added carcolor compositions.

I hope you enjoy and wish you a nice weekend!

2012/09/15 by Unknown
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