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This is the blog that accompanies my photo site Florian's photos. I would like to use this portal to highlight other photographers and photographs that I admire, describe selected photographs that I have taken myself, convey my experiences with creating my online presence or share general thoughts on photography.
I have only recently started to show some of my photographs online and I am hereby taking my first "blogging steps." I have no ideas where my photo site and blog will take, but I hope to find a way to express myself meaningfully and to interest, entertain or even enchant some of you. As a start, I allow myself to post this little slideshow with photographs from different galleries of mine. 
I enjoy and take photographs since childhood, but for a long time I have only taken nature and outdoor photographs. After a phase during which I have only taken family photographs, my photography enthusiasm has recently reawakened and I have become fond of searching minimalistic and geometric compositions in urban environments. Therefore, most nature photographs have been taken quite a while ago, in the "pre-digital" era, and the different kinds of cityscapes are more recent creations.

I hope you enjoy and wish you a nice day!

2011/08/27 by Unknown
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